Kandy Ella Train, the Scenic Journey


Kandy Ella's train ride would be one of the most breathtaking ones in the entire world. This ride will take you through lush mountains, cascading paddy fields, and waterfalls, and will be able to experience many scenic views. Kandy Ella Train ride shows stunning landscapes and the natural beauty of Sri Lanka’s upcountry. This journey would take about 8 hours, and the entire train ride would showcase Sri Lanka's natural Beauty. Furthermore, it showcases some of the iconic places like Nine Arch Bridge.

The Journey

This train goes through the hill country, which is where they grow all the tea from Sri Lanka. It's supposed to be extremely beautiful. The entire ride from Kanday to Ella would be approximately Seven to Eight Hours. Kanday to Ella journey would Start from either Kandy Station or some prefer to start their journey in Peradeniya since it is less crowded than Kandy main Station.

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Why Kandy Ella Train ride is worthwhile, know more about Ella

Step Into the Heart of Sri Lanka's Hill Country and discover the Hidden Gem of Ella. This Charming town with a population of just over 30,000 is a perfect blend of culture, tradition, and natural beauty. Take a walk through the Lush Green Hills and tea plantations and then immerse yourself in the rich history of the area enjoy some authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine and be Charmed. by the warm Hospitality of the friendly locals and of course, don't miss the opportunity to experience. This is the time you will figure out it is well worthwhile to travel in Kandy Ella Train

Ella's unique blend of culture population and nature makes it a must-see destination on any traveler's itinerary., Sri Lanka is incredible. One of the most beautiful places especially coming as a tourist if you're looking for a whole vast array of various things you can do this is the place for it in a pretty small area geographically speaking.

so make sure you travel to Ella, and take advantage of all of these things to do that we have here in Ella for you. So number one on this list is going to be to take the Kandy Ella train

It is a must for you guys it is one of the most beautiful and interesting train rides. You can go through tunnels, you go through tea plantations, and it's incredible. I want to mention that Kandy to Ella train ride would be an unforgettable one.

you can even take a nicer first-class cabin in the normal train which is about five dollars; when you are there, I believe they even have a newer train that is specifically for tourism that costs a little bit more

your way over to Nine Arches Bridge, and this is a must; it is probably one of the most iconic locations in Sri Lanka that's not too far away from Ella. So the cool part about this place is you get such a mix of the British and the Sri Lankan culture, delicious restaurants over there Market places to buy anything you could imagine, and a lot of areas for accommodation, so you can do a day trip there.

if you have the time you can even spend a couple of days there because there are a lot of things to do in the surrounding area. We want to mention these are just 10 things you can do in Ella if you have even more time of course. You're going to find a lot of other things you can get into spending more time with locals, doing more hikes, and getting yourself into nature. So I hope you've enjoyed it.

Make the Kandy Ella Train ride the most exciting to do on your upcoming trip. We want to mention that we have actual links to excursions in the description below and if you book through those, it would make your trip comfortable and hassle-free.

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Spend a night at The Summit, Take a rest, and visit your favorite destinations like Ella via train. Take your dream trip, Kandy Ella Train ride and make unforgettable memories in your dream paradise Sri Lanka.

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